Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Morning

Mike set up some fishing trough Instagram. So last night I tied up some BWO emergers and Al's Rats.  

I got there early and hit the stream.  Didn't see a single bug come off and sporatic rises. First cast and got a trout to follow the fly but not take it.  Tried a couple different holes and missed three. By that time Mike called and said he would be there in a half hour so I head back to the truck and put on a new leader. 

Mike showed up and two other guys also.  Pafishing and signatureflyco from Instagram.  We all headed back to the stream. Ended up getting a little brown. 

Got it one the BWO tied last night. 

A little bit later Mike hooked up and landed one. 

I ended up watching people fish more then doing it myself. Mike got a couple more and I had to heading out. 

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