Friday, September 27, 2013


Since it's a beautiful fall day. I got out of work a little early and hit the stream.

Put on a 18 BWO and with in a few casts had mutiple hits and got one on the line. 

That trout destroyed my fly.  So i switched it up.  Put on a nymph with an egg trailer.  Didn't need a strike indicator.  It was so clear i could see the flies. A few casts in and had a taker on the egg.   This one fought pretty well. 

While i was looking around and taking in nature i could see these two older men in the hole down stream from me.  You could tell the one was on his first fly fishing trip and having a hard time at it.  He was trying to cast but kept slapping the water.

Well the slapping just made me think of terrestrials.  So i put on a grasshopper.  Holy Crap the trout loved it

Now on a side note and why i named this  post. This is the first trout this year that wasnt a rainbow. From January till the end of September.  All trout were rainbows. 

Ended up getting another rainbow on the grasshopper. Then the two guys from earlier kept getting closer to me. The one guy who knew how to flyfish wouldnt shut up. I dont even think he was talking to anyone, just himself.  It just annoyed me so i packed it in. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Before the rain

Headed back out to the Lil Lehigh.  There were more people today then last evening but still not packed.  So I Decided to try what worked last evening, dries again and they worked.   Had a hit on my third cast and landed a fish on my fifth. 

Went away from the fly fishing only section. But didn't have any luck. Only saw three fish and they spooked pretty easily.  

Then the wind started to pick up so headed in for the day. 

Friday, September 20, 2013


Since its suppose to rain all weekend.  Decided to head out after work to try and get what i could. 

Had nice weather.  Ended up with three, all rainbows.  Two on size 18 adams.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wine rod

My father asked me to build him two wined themed trout rods. He wanted to hang one in his wine tasting room and give the other one to his cousin. 

Decided to incorporate wine corks into the handle. So he picked two and we got them lined up as best as possible.  I put cork rings on the end for a simple design.  They actually turned out pretty good. 

Used a Merlot colored thread with gold accents. 

Both rods turned out good and i am going to make him take it out fishing. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


After fishing this weekend, I realized that my fly box is pretty sparse.  So I sat down and ties a half dozen of my favorite fly, beadhead olive hares ear. 

Hook: size 18 nymph hook
Tail: guard hairs
Rib: gold wire
Thorax and body: under fur and guard hair blend
Wing: turkey feather

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lil Lehigh

Had plans to head up to the Salmon River, Ny.  But they got cancelled.   So  I decided to hit up the Lil Lehigh for a day.  Text Mike from and he was in.

I parked by the fish hatchery and started to walk to the "kiddie pool".  It had about six guys in it.  Now grant it, it's easy to catch fish in that hole, but come on.  Flyfishing for me is more about being out and enjoying nature. Not standing next to someone fighting for a spot to fish.

 So I went further down stream and within five casts got into a nice fish.  During the fight he took me airborne and threw the hook.   Still a good rush and glad at least to have some action.

A couple minutes later Mike showed up.  He went right for some rising fish and ended up with one.  

I took the next hole down and had a hit.  Set the hook and brough her in.  It was a chub.  I swear,  sometimes it feels like ill never get a trout again. 

We walk down to the Heritage Fly Shop and spoke with Dave.  The shop was broken into and robbed while he was on vacation.  Felt bad for the man, hopefully they will catch whoever did it.  I did end up buying a T-shirt from him.

After the brief stop at the shop, Mike and I walked the to other end of the flyfishing only section.  It was over grown and we didn't really see anything.

On the way back I was determined to get at least one trout.  Then I saw that my favorite hole was open and gave it a shot. While Mike up stream for those rising fish.   So I threw in and in a couple casts, finally got one. 

Mike had to get going.  So we stopped and had a beer.  While he took off  I decided to try another spot furter up stream.

Pulled up to the parking lot at the new spot and see Tyler and Brett's trucks.  Kinda funny since I was going to call them if the fishing was good. 

Ended up getting another trout. All of them today were on egg patterns. 

Brett and Tyler were spin fishing again and ended the day with a couple nice ones too.


Friday, September 6, 2013


Just a 1/2hr trip scouting for the weekend.  Got this little guy on a pheasant tail. 

Hope to get into some trout soon.