Monday, March 31, 2014

SE PA Opening Day 2014

I find that most fly fishermen don't like opening day and stay away from the circus.  But it's family tradition for me and I wouldn't give it up for the world.  I am not one of those fly fishermen that think I am better then spinner/bait fishermen.  As long as you fish by the rules, and have etiquette you are cool with me.

Got up around 4am and at the diner by 4:30.  Met up with Brett, Tyler, Pete and some of Tyler's family.  We all had breakfast and headed up to the stream.  Got there around 6am.  Of course it was packed, but we got a spot and messed around till 8am, then it was on.   Fish were caught right away.  It was a good day and once the rain started it was even better.  The crowds cleared out and we were able to move around the stream all day.

While fishing a woman asked if it was okay if she took our picture.  I said sure.  She was with three children.  Pete hooked a fish and let her son reel it in.  The kid was hooked and tried to catch one by himself.

After a little while we moved on and fished a little more down stream.  Then the woman came back with coffee for us.  Which was extremely nice.  Pete let her son use his fishing rod again and taught him a little about fishing.   I spoke with her a little and she has a web site WhatsGoingOnInTheLehighValley which is why she was taking pictures of us.  I forgot my camera and wasn't going to take my phone out in the rain.  So all pictures on the post are credited to her and her site.

We ended the day with decent numbers. I got 11, Brett got 13, Tyler was somewhere in the 20's, and Pete got 9.  I got fish on olive hare's ear, stone flies, egg patterns, wooly buggers, and pheasant tails.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More tying

Just been sitting down at night and cranking out some more flies.  Most of the time just playing with materials. Waiting for it the days to get longer and the air to get warmer.

A purple nymph

BWO with CDC wing.

Playing around with materials.

A simple swimming caddis

Playing around more with the swimming caddis.

For some reason i just can't sit and tie one pattern.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tying and trying to fish.

Last weekend i went with Mike to check out The Classic Fisherman.  I fly shop in Lansdale. Great deals to say the least. We spent about an hour there and then made plans to have a tying session in the evening. 

Played around with the new materials in the afternoon. 

Got to Mikes around nine and was there for half the night. Beer, flytying, Misfits.  It was a good time. 

Sat at the vise for the rest of the week and played around. 

I decided to head out last Saturday since the trout streams are closed and only the fly fishing section is open. Also there were three different outdoor and fly shows in the area.  So i new it wouldnt be packed. 

I fished for two hours and only had one on and lost it.  Bite was extremely slow.  Was sight fishing to a trout and bounced the fly off his mouth and he just swam away.  Was still nice to get out.