Monday, June 9, 2014


I have been seeing a lot of bugs on the water, but I have not seen any rises. A couple here or there but not a fish that committed to eating off the top. 

That ended last Saturday.  I finally was in the right place at the right time.  Saw four fish rising in one hole. 

I cut off my nymph and picked out a dry. I was so excited that it took me five minutes to get my tippet through the eye. 
All the while the trout just kept coming up. Just adding more to my excitment. 

I finally got the fly on and cast out to them.  First drift, I had a take but no hookset. After the third cast, I got a nice little brownie in hand.  

Got to say.  Dry fly fishing is exciting and that made my day. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Robb asked me if I was interested in going to "Lunkerfest" this year.  It's a tournament put on by a local fishing club. They stock trout from 14 to 30 inches in the Lehigh River.  With 100 tagged fish for prizes and stuff. 

I never been before so I thought I would see what it was about.  So woke up at 5am and picked Robb up around 6:30.  We went and registered around 7. 

Since fishing didn't start till 9. We went to a diner for breakfast and coffee.  We were both a little hung over and tired.  

After breakfast we headed back and found that it was packed as hell. It reminded me of salmon fishing in NY.  Definate combat fishing, which I do not do. 

We decided to stick around a bit and watch the circus. And that was exactly what it was. 

(About 200 people and 6 boats in a hole)

We waded down river from the madness but didnt get any hits. 

After a while we just left to hit another part of the river. 

I don't fish rivers much and of course got the skunk. But enjoyed the view and got to bring out the switch rod. Which is always fun even though I still have a lot to  learn to cast it. Robb even gave it a shot. 

Ended up taking Robb back and then went to meet up with my brother at a stream. 

Gotta say.  I am much better that steam fishing then rivers. First cast I had a fish on. 

Ended the day with a couple trout and Brett (brother) got five. 

Might head back to the river during the week to see if I can get any left overs from Lunkerfest.  But we'll see.