Monday, February 10, 2014

Salmon River Winter Steelhead

Left Thursday evening to head up to John Ryan's for Salmon River for winter steelhead.  Got up there around 11 pm and unpack out stuff and started with the beer.  We always plan to get up early but that never seems to happen.

Headed out the next morning and got set up in the parking lot.  Went to the lower fly fishing section and it was low and not crowded.  With in the third cast I had a hook up but lost it which got me excited and I thought it would be a good weekend.

Nick was hooked up within his second cast and landed this little guy.

A little bit later Mike hooked up and landed one.  A bit nicer then Nick's.

We had lunch at the Altmar Hotel (good garlic fries) and headed back out.  There were a couple more hook ups but none landed.

We went back and got our wading stuff off and hung out in the tackle shop for a while.  Started with beers again. 

Of course we stayed up too late but got our asses up around 6 to head out again on Saturday.   Everyone was on fish (except for me).  Nick and I explored more and trecked down from the lower fly section to Ellis Cove.

  I didn't even get a tap.  Ended up having lunch again at the Altmar Hotel and then hit up the lower fly fishing section again.  John Ryan and his dad showed up and were fishing with us.   I had either one on each side of me and they were killing it while I was in the middle just swinging a stick.  Once again everyone landed a fish, except for me.

Headed back to the house and ordered pizza and wings.  After dinner sat down and had a tying session.

Beer was flowing and we stayed up too late.  Ended up getting up around 9 am.  Headed back out and hit the river one last time before heading back home.

I switched up my set up to the recommendation of John Ryan (the local).  But same thing happened.  Everyone was hooking up except for me. 

I helped Mike land a fish and just started to get frustrated.  But swung a couple more times and then it was time to head out.

Got back to the shop packed up and headed out.   Once we got past Syracuse the snow started and didn't stop.

A four hour ride took six. 

It's always a fun time and I will continue to take this trip as long as I can.  Thanks to the Lutz family for having us! But damn I am the worst steelhead fisherman.