Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tying and trying to fish.

Last weekend i went with Mike to check out The Classic Fisherman.  I fly shop in Lansdale. Great deals to say the least. We spent about an hour there and then made plans to have a tying session in the evening. 

Played around with the new materials in the afternoon. 

Got to Mikes around nine and was there for half the night. Beer, flytying, Misfits.  It was a good time. 

Sat at the vise for the rest of the week and played around. 

I decided to head out last Saturday since the trout streams are closed and only the fly fishing section is open. Also there were three different outdoor and fly shows in the area.  So i new it wouldnt be packed. 

I fished for two hours and only had one on and lost it.  Bite was extremely slow.  Was sight fishing to a trout and bounced the fly off his mouth and he just swam away.  Was still nice to get out. 

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