Sunday, June 1, 2014


Robb asked me if I was interested in going to "Lunkerfest" this year.  It's a tournament put on by a local fishing club. They stock trout from 14 to 30 inches in the Lehigh River.  With 100 tagged fish for prizes and stuff. 

I never been before so I thought I would see what it was about.  So woke up at 5am and picked Robb up around 6:30.  We went and registered around 7. 

Since fishing didn't start till 9. We went to a diner for breakfast and coffee.  We were both a little hung over and tired.  

After breakfast we headed back and found that it was packed as hell. It reminded me of salmon fishing in NY.  Definate combat fishing, which I do not do. 

We decided to stick around a bit and watch the circus. And that was exactly what it was. 

(About 200 people and 6 boats in a hole)

We waded down river from the madness but didnt get any hits. 

After a while we just left to hit another part of the river. 

I don't fish rivers much and of course got the skunk. But enjoyed the view and got to bring out the switch rod. Which is always fun even though I still have a lot to  learn to cast it. Robb even gave it a shot. 

Ended up taking Robb back and then went to meet up with my brother at a stream. 

Gotta say.  I am much better that steam fishing then rivers. First cast I had a fish on. 

Ended the day with a couple trout and Brett (brother) got five. 

Might head back to the river during the week to see if I can get any left overs from Lunkerfest.  But we'll see. 

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