Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back out

Yesterday met mike from 

My first day back out since I had surgery on my ankle.  Also the first time out with the new rod I built. 

Saw rises and tried to get them right away. Ended up getting a couple noses right away but no takers.

Testing the rod out and I like it a lot. Its a fast action rod and I really like the ritz style handle. The handle gives you a good grip and allows for power when you need it. 

Playing around with flies I did finally end up getting a taker. Playing the fish I realized I couldn't squat down to net the fish.  Mike helped and snapped a picture. 

Mike was determined to get a fish out of that run.  I headed to the next hole down stream.  Switched over to nymphs and got a lil rainbow.  

We ended up walking down to the shop and talking with Dave the owner.  Gave us some info and about stocking. So we headed out. 

Spent more time playing around with the rod.  Was able to cast further and with more accuracy.  

Mike was able to get a nice brownie on an emerger.  Was happy cause he worked his ass off for that fish. 

Ended up with a few more casts and then called it a day. 

Loved getting out and just want to get back out there. 

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