Monday, November 4, 2013

New Build

I haven't been posting lately because I had surgery on my ankle.  So I have been laid up and no fishing for a while. 

But I did make myself a new everyday fly rod.  Blank is a North Fork Composites. Guides are Snake Brand. Reel seat is Coral wood (my next venture is to make my own reel seat).  The grip is a Ritz style custom grip I made with inspiration and info from Zeb at Snowman Custom Rodworks. 

If you haven't seen Zeb's work. Then look him up. It's amazing what he can do. 

This rod gave me a lot of trouble. Even falling off the drying station. Had to cut off all the wraps and start over.  But now it's done and I can't wait to heal and get back out on the water. 

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