Sunday, August 25, 2013


My sister invited my brother, me and our girlfriends, to her husband's hunting cabin in Bradford County. It just so happens to be right across the street from a trout stream.

We got up there a little late. Got everything unpacked and started to play drinking games.  Holy crap that was not a good idea.   Fun but hurt!

Woke up the next morning. Had breakfast, got the fishing equipment together, and walked across the street with my brother-in-law and brother. We got to the steam and it was low and slow. Seemed more like pond fishing then stream fishing.  I was fly fishing and used the time to practice casting and enjoy being outside.  While the other two were spinner fishing and catching some smallies and chubs.  We did see what looked like a 24 inch palomino swimming in a deep hole. But he just kept swimming around ignoring us. 

The trek out was bad.  Filled with 7ft thistles, wolf and garden spiders, and  5ft ditches.  A walk that should have taken 5mins turned into 20. 

Got back and met up with the girls.  They were heading to a local swimming hole while we tried on more spot. 

This was under a bridge and still same luck.  I was still fly fishing but the other two were using bait. My brother did catch a decent smallie. And after a while we left to meet the girls at the swimming hole. 

The swimming hole was BEAUTIFUL!  A spring fed creek with little swimming holes in between the rocks. The clearest water i have swam in. 

My girlfriend explored and came back with a pic of a nice stonefly casing. 

Hung out for a couple hours then headed back to the cabin. Made dinner on the fire and sat around it afterwards. 

An awesome weekend.  Thanks to Tyler and Stacey for inviting us up! Had a great time!


  1. Sorry the fishing wasn't better, but that looks like a beautiful area. Just something about a swimming hole in nature rather than a chlorinated pool.

    1. Didnt mind the fishing. Enjoyed being outside and relaxing. Catching fish would just be a bonus.