Monday, August 26, 2013


Had enough Cabelas points to get myself a Yeti Tundra 45.  I have to said it is built extremely well.  Everything they advertise is true. Walls are extremely thick and heavy.  Got it home and decorated it up with fishing stickers. 

Took it on a trip last weekend.  Filled it with beer and breakfast food. Two bags of ice.  

The ice lasted all weekend.  Was really impressed how it lasted and didn't need to be refilled with ice at all over 4 days with 2 day sitting in a hot truck. 

Down side of it is of course the price.  But since i got it with points, I'm not complaining.  The only other thing would be the weight of it.  Empty it was around 20lbs.  When filled it was heavy but still could be carried by one person if you have to. 

Over all I recommend it and cant wait to use it more.  

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