Friday, September 27, 2013


Since it's a beautiful fall day. I got out of work a little early and hit the stream.

Put on a 18 BWO and with in a few casts had mutiple hits and got one on the line. 

That trout destroyed my fly.  So i switched it up.  Put on a nymph with an egg trailer.  Didn't need a strike indicator.  It was so clear i could see the flies. A few casts in and had a taker on the egg.   This one fought pretty well. 

While i was looking around and taking in nature i could see these two older men in the hole down stream from me.  You could tell the one was on his first fly fishing trip and having a hard time at it.  He was trying to cast but kept slapping the water.

Well the slapping just made me think of terrestrials.  So i put on a grasshopper.  Holy Crap the trout loved it

Now on a side note and why i named this  post. This is the first trout this year that wasnt a rainbow. From January till the end of September.  All trout were rainbows. 

Ended up getting another rainbow on the grasshopper. Then the two guys from earlier kept getting closer to me. The one guy who knew how to flyfish wouldnt shut up. I dont even think he was talking to anyone, just himself.  It just annoyed me so i packed it in. 

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