Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wine rod

My father asked me to build him two wined themed trout rods. He wanted to hang one in his wine tasting room and give the other one to his cousin. 

Decided to incorporate wine corks into the handle. So he picked two and we got them lined up as best as possible.  I put cork rings on the end for a simple design.  They actually turned out pretty good. 

Used a Merlot colored thread with gold accents. 

Both rods turned out good and i am going to make him take it out fishing. 


  1. Very cool. I have always wanted to do this but found that the wine corks were usually too narrow for a handle.

    What weight rod is this? Is it tenkara?

    1. Thanks. These are actually ultra light spinning rods. Was going to try a wine fly rod but you are right on the cork. Its too thin for a half or full wells.